House of expertise

As an organization we are known for our expertise and our ability to develop and reinvent ourselves.

Respecta is a med-tech company that provides the largest variety of individual and standard assistive devices in Finland. Respecta´s high-quality products include prosthesis, orthosis, pressure care products, footwear, insoles and different kinds of mobility assistive devices, daily routines (hygiene, household, dressing, ergonomics) and vehicles.

In addition to our expertise in the field of assistive devices, we have developed logistics, service concepts, leasing and renting solutions and training offerings. It is with good reason that we are known for our wide range of expertise.

Product management team in constant search of the latest assistive device innovations

The product management team at Respecta ensures that a balanced selection of quality products is part of the Respecta range. New developments in the field are always closely monitored. The team strives towards effective strategic partnership and cooperation with other operators and experts in the field. Our partners include over 200 leading assistive devices manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Currently our product range includes over 35 000 products of which over 10 000 are immediately available in Finland. 

Technical services ensure long and reliable use of assistive devices, whether originated from us or from other sources 

The technical services include nationwide maintenance services, product adaptations, manufacturing of e.g. individual seats and table leaves, customized and special equipment, and consulting and maintenance training. 

Need for rental services that offer assistive devices

The Rental services offer two payment options: renting and leasing for the public sector and business customers to provide economical and flexible operations. No major investment by the customer is needed into products or their own inventory.